Giant Meteor Fireball Filmed Falling From The Sky In China

by : Saman Javed on : 23 Dec 2020 19:02
Giant Meteor Fireball Filmed Falling From The Sky In ChinaSteed's Weibo/_TheQg/Weibo

A giant fireball, presumed to be a meteor, has been filmed zooming across the sky in the Qinghai province of China.

Footage taken by locals and posted on social media show a blazing sphere plunging across the sky before disappearing out of shot.


Some experts believe that the object was a bolide, a very bright meteor. No casualities have been reported.


Some experts believe that the object was a bolide, a very bright meteor.

China Earthquake Networks Center said that the suspected bolide landed near the border between Nangqian County and Yusu County.


Dan Ba, a local, said that he witnessed the incident while taking his child to school, as per Mail Online.

‘It started very small, but three minutes later it became very big and bright,’ he said.


While meteorites regularly fly past the earth, it is rarer for them to fall to the surface.


As of December 2019, more than 50,000 meteorites have been found on earth, as per NASA.

According to its database of NEO Earth Close Approaches, an asteroid travelling at 22,000 mph is set to makes its way past the earth on Christmas day, at around around 1.20am GMT.

Yesterday, December 22, The Guardian revealed that NASA had killed all of the monkeys living at its California research centre earlier this year.


According to documents obtained via a freedom of information request, a total of 27 monkeys were put to death using administrative drugs.

The monkeys were ageing and 21 of them had Parkinson’s, the documents said.

Animal rights advocates have been left furious with NASA’s decision to euthanize the monkeys, rather than move them to an animal sanctuary.

John Gluck, an expert in animal ethics at the University of New Mexico said the animals ‘were suffering the ethological deprivations and frustrations inherent in laboratory life’.


The monkeys were ‘apparently not considered worthy of a chance at a sanctuary life. Not even a try? Disposal instead of the expression of simple decency. Shame on those responsible’, he said.

Kathleen Rice, a US House representative, has demanded an explanation from Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator.

‘I look forward to an explanation from administrator Bridenstine on why these animals were forced to waste away in captivity and be euthanized rather than live out their lives in a sanctuary,’ Rice said.

The monkeys had been kept by both NASA and drug research company LifeSource BioMedical at the Ames facility.

Stephanie Solis, chief executive of LifeSource, said the decision to humanely euthanise the aged monkeys was taken to ‘avoid a poor quality of life’.

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