Guy Demonstrates Gas That’s The ‘Opposite’ Of Helium Which Makes Your Voice Deeper

by : Hannah Smith on : 30 Apr 2021 17:33
Guy Demonstrates Gas That's The 'Opposite' Of Helium Which Makes Your Voice DeeperCody's Lab/YouTube

Growing up, no birthday party was complete until someone tried inhaling a helium balloon to give themselves a squeaky voice.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but as it turns out, this whole time there’s been a way to make your voice go deeper, too.


Now, one guy has revealed the secret, demonstrating what happens when you breathe in ‘the world’s heaviest non-toxic gas’.

Posted by YouTuber Cody’s Lab, the video starts off with Cody inhaling ‘Sulfur Hexafluoride,’ which he explains – while sounding like he’s swallowed a voice modulator – is often referred as the ‘deep voice gas’.

‘But what happens if I breathe in a gas that’s even denser?’ he asks, before inhaling another balloon full of a gas called Perfluorobutane that sends his voice even lower. Cody’s experiment has impressed a lot of people, with one person commenting, ‘So that’s what Bane used to inhale through his mask!’ Another joked that the gas must be ‘what James Earl Jones has for breakfast every day.’


But before you go ordering a whole load of Perfluorobutane to do the world’s best Darth Vader impression, there’s a word of warning. Cody goes on to say that the gas is ‘actually quite hard’ to exhale, saying ‘talking is actually kind of difficult.’

The video has received more than 118,000 upvotes on Reddit, but as people in the comments have pointed out, it should come with a massive ‘don’t try this at home’ label.

Cody's Lab/YouTube

‘Remember people, it’s fun but can cause suffocation if you’re not careful, especially with heavy gases taking more time to be expelled from the lungs,’ reads the top-voted comment, with another person replying, ‘Gotta be careful not to pass out due to lack of oxygen.’


People have also started sharing their own anecdotes of helium tricks gone wrong, with one user recalling ‘I watched my best friend in grade school pass out from inhaling helium and knock out her front teeth in the process.’ Another wrote ‘I passed out from taking in too much helium once. One second I was standing there seeing how high I could get my voice the the next second I was on the ground.’

As a science YouTuber, Cody spends most of his time doing cool, if ill-advised, chemistry experiments, so it’s probably safe to say he knew what he was getting himself into. But while being able to sound intimidating on demand might sound like an attractive proposition, maybe its best that the rest of us stick to breathing in good old O2.

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