Here’s How To Watch The ‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse


Peope may be able to witness something spectacular today as the Earth, sun and moon align to form a breathtaking display. 

In some parts of the world, lucky viewers will be able to bear witness to the rare, phenomena of the ‘Ring of Fire’ which is taking place in our skies today.

The ‘Ring of Fire’ – which in this instance is worlds away from a frat drinking game – is also known as an annular eclipse and happens when the moon aligns with the sun, but doesn’t fully cover it.

In this stage of its orbit, the moon is further away, so appears smaller when it is positioned in front of the sun, causing it to create a magical fire ring around it.

It is sadly only visible to those in the Southern Hemisphere of the globe, kicking off from Chile, but don’t be disappointed if you’re nowhere near, as you can catch the live streaming footage on

It certainly looks like like something you don’t want to miss out on, seen as the next significant eclipse is in 2026 and a total eclipse is set to take place in 2090…

Best get your viewing glasses on…