Here’s The Best Place To Hide If A Nuclear Bomb Is Dropped On Your City


As the world’s logic and choices seem to be following the same horrifying route of previous generations, but this time more wittingly, there’s no harm in preparing for the worst.

They say World War Three would be a quick one because of the nuclear weapons, so here are some tips for surviving an atomic blast.

For when Trump finishes the dangerous arms race he is playing by hitting the red button, you should find a good hiding place.


According to a government guide to the aftermath of a nuclear attack, you should find a shelter that is made of thick brick or concrete with no windows, kind of like a bomb shelter in order to get maximum material between yourself and the outside world.

If there is no such shelter nearby, the only option really is to find somewhere similar, IFL Science reports, because shelters which are ‘poor’ won’t protect you from radiation that much.

If you hide in a sub-basement of a brick five story apartment block, you would be exposed to 1/200 of the radiation outside.

Indiana Jones survived a nuclear blast when he shut himself inside a lead-line fridge, so it must be a sound idea.