Here’s What You Look Like From Mars

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You wouldn’t think it would be possible to pick us out in the vastness of the universe, but these new photos have seemingly done the just that. 

A set of incredible photos have been taken by a NASA satellite, mashable reports, depicting Mars orbiting Earth and our moon from a massive 127 million miles away.

The scale of these new photos is staggering, as you can see just how small our planet really is in the grand scheme of things, making us humans look even more insignificant…


NASA said:

The reddish feature in the middle of the Earth image is Australia. Southeast Asia appears as the reddish area (due to vegetation) near the top; Antarctica is the bright blob at bottom-left. Other bright areas are clouds.

To make these humbling images, four different sets of photos were used and combined together to create the stunning composition.

The beautiful photos were snapped by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter during a test in November last year.

They continued:

Each [exposure] was separately processed prior to combining them so that the moon is bright enough to see.

The moon is much darker than Earth and would barely be visible at the same brightness scale as Earth. The combined view retains the correct sizes and positions of the two bodies relative to each other.

This impressive satellite has papped our planet Earth once before though, back in 2007 when we were  at the ‘closer distance’ of 88 million miles from the red planet.

That little satellite has got some serious photography skills…