Here’s Why Stepping On Lego Hurts So Much

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One of the worst things in life is stepping on Lego.

Let’s be honest, it hurts like a bitch.

So the time has come to answer one of the most deliberated questions of our time: Why does stepping on a Lego brick hurt so bad?

It may not be as important as curing cancer or conquering poverty, but it’s a question that needs answering.

So why does it feel like stepping on shards of glass? The answer lies in the anatomy of the foot.

Our feet are incredibly sensitive to pressure and have thousands of connections that constantly relay information back to the brain. That matched with the fact that Lego has super strength and can withstand hundreds of kilos of force is why Lego hurts so damn much when you step on it.

Basically, Lego can withstand 432 kilos before structurally falling and breaking under compression. Let’s say you step on a regular Lego brick, that has a surface area of 2.25 centimetre square. Let’s also say you weigh 75 kilos – according to the science guys over at Wonderful Engineering, a person that size exerts 735 Newtons upward on one foot due to the normal force).

All that force is then concentrated into one tiny area of your foot, which equates to 734 N/0.000225 m2, or about 3,262,222 pascals of pressure. I have no idea what that means, but apparently it’s the same as experiencing 32 times the standard atmospheric pressure. Which is uncomfortable to say the least.

So basically, because Lego has super hero like strength, the pain is amplified because it’s all concentrated in one little tiny part of our foot when we step on it.

Or, you could avoid that pain all together and just get these:

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Now you know.