Hubble Just Spotted Something Mysterious Coming Out Of Uranus


Scientists using the Hubble Telescope have spotted something weird on Uranus and I hope you liked that pun because we’re about to get into some science-shit pretty quickly. 

According to voyeuristic scientists at the Paris Observatory who use Hubble Space Telescope to look at Uranus (not your bum) there’s a huge aurora happening on the planet which is being caused by solar winds.

Just like the auroras here on Earth the shimmering lights on Uranus (not your arse) are being caused by a charged beam of particles made up of electrons interacting with the planet’s ionosphere at the poles.


Told you we were going to get sciencey…

Anyway this beam of particles gets caught in Uranus’ upper atmosphere (again, not your bottom) where it interacts with gases like nitrogen and oxygen, creating a spectacular light show.

By watching the interplanetary shocks caused by powerful bursts of solar winds from the sun in tandem with the Hubble telescope to observe the planet they discovered the most intense auroras ever seen by man.

And – hilarious anus based puns aside – they discovered that these auroras rotate with the planet allowing them to rediscover Uranus’ long-lost magnetic poles which we somehow lost back in 1986.

Unfortunately I can’t think of a ‘your anus’ joke to end on… I hate ending articles on a bum note…