Intelligent People Go To Bed Late, Make Loads Of Mess And Swear All The Time


Sign me up for MENSA; apparently clever people are one big, hot mess. 

If you were always reprimanded by your parents for staying up late, not tidying your ‘bomb site’ of a bedroom and you dealt with their authority by swearing like a sailor, join the club.

You may actually be a genius. The next time you hear someone claiming those who swear have a limited vocabulary, tell them to fuck off.


One study set out to deconstruct that myth about curse words – and they only bloody went and succeeded.

They tested how many swear word people could name within a minute and found that there was a direct correlation between doing well in the test and the participant’s IQ.

According to Business Insider, the study concludes that a rich vocabulary of swear words is a sign of rhetorical strength rather than the attempt to hide verbal deficits.


When Cosmo tells you that a good night’s sleep is key to being a well-rounded millennial, ignore it.

Actually, staying up late could also be a sign of intelligence. Scientific research has even linked night owls with higher IQ scores.

You’re in good company too. Barack Obama, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Keith Richards and Elvis Presley are all famous for nocturnal activities – and they’re all pretty successful modern-day humans.


If a colleague recoils at the sight of your organised desk chaos, you have science’s permission to shrug them off and tell them it’s for the Greater Good.

A study by the University of Minnesota suggests that a messy desk is actually linked to increased intelligence.

If you don’t spend much time cleaning and organising everything around you, your mind is obviously occupied with more important stuff, like picking up your colleague’s slack when they should be working rather than examining your desk for overflowing paper trays.


The study went on to show that a messy environment led to a more creative workflow.

Psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs explained:

Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights. Orderly environments, in contrast, encourage convention and playing it safe.


Socially, that can be applied to staying up late to absorb yourself in the broadening horizons of The Internet and swearing down your foes using all the colourful vocabulary in your arsenal.

So, go forth and be a hot mess. Your brilliant brain deserves it.