Lost U.S. Satellite Sends Mysterious Signals After 50 Years

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A long-lost satellite that has been floating around deep space for the past 50 years, has ominously started transmitting again…

The LEs1 satellite disappeared back in 1967 never to be heard from again – until 2013 that it is. Astronomers first began to think they were picking up signals from it three years ago, but needed time to confirm their suspicions.

But here’s the really weird part, according to Sat news, scientists and experts have absolutely no idea how the old probe – which has spent so much time in the midst of the galaxy – has come back to life.


The first to receive the signal was Amateur Radio Astronomer, Phil Williams from Cornwall, who chillingly picked up on what he described as a ‘ghostly sound’ emanating from the transmission. Of course, this has triggered theories that aliens hijacked the ancient satellite and are unnervingly trying to send a message back to Earth.

Williams believes it was a component failure that kick-started the satellite back into transmitting again, although – to add to the confusion – the machine can only work when light hits the solar panels.

Bizarrely, the satellite itself has a big impact on its transmission due to the fact it’s rolling over every four seconds, therefore blocking the signal with its own shadow, yet somehow it still managed to transmit despite its weak light source.


What is even weirder though is that it failed to transmit anymore after 1967, due to faulty wiring, which begs the question as to how and why it is doing so now.

The device was built in 1965, but sadly never reached its proper orbit destination and has been left spinning in space ever since.

Strangely though, this is not the only time a NASA probe has been re-discovered. The space agency lost contact with the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory in 1998, only for it to transmit again nearly two years later.

Very odd.