Massive Python Swallows Crocodile Whole In Incredible Wildlife Photos

by : Julia Banim on : 18 Jun 2019 11:06
Python eats alligator.GG Wildlife Rescue

Horrifying wildlife photographs showing a gigantic python devouring a crocodile whole have emerged from down under. It’s an unsettling sight to say the least, and one which will surely make ophidiophobes shudder.

Although crocodiles are generally regarded to be pretty terrifying predators, this one was no match for an olive python (Liasis olivaceus), the second largest snake in Australia after the scrub python (Morelia amethistina).


These images, taken in Queensland, Australia, show how the python had unhinged its mighty jaws to eat the crocodile after having squeezed the life out of it, long body bulging with the heft of the prey.

Python eats crocodile.GG Wildlife Rescue

The gruesome images were captured by a man by the name of Martin Muller, who had spotted the unappetising dining experience while kayaking through the swamps of Mount Isa. Rather than paddling away sharpish, Muller was able to capture the sight in nightmarish detail.

These photographs depict every gory moment of the python’s mealtime, until just the tip of the crocodile’s tail can be seen poking out of its scaly jaws. If there’s a worse way to meet your maker, I’ve yet to hear it.


The pics were shared on Facebook by GG Wildlife Rescue, a non-profit rescue service for native animals in Australia. Their post went viral, with nature lovers expressing fascination and repulsion in equal measure.

One person shuddered, ‘I’m am going to pretend that those images are fake and it cannot really happen, otherwise I’ll have nightmares for years to come’. Another commented, ‘Sweet Jesus that’s revolting. I know I should love all of nature and I’d never hurt a snake but they creep me out so much’.

SSSSssssssssensational 💚🐊 🐍 Amazing pictures of an olive python Australis 2nd largest snake & Western Australia's…

Posted by GG Wildlife Rescue Inc on Friday, 31 May 2019

Michelle Jones, who owns GG Wildlife Rescue, told Daily Mail Australia:


It’s common for them to eat pretty much anything if they can fit it in their mouth.

Jones explained pythons are able ‘unhinge their jaw’ to allow them to swallow bigger creatures, and revealed it isn’t all that unusual for these creatures to chow down on a croc.

Despite knowing all about the deadly potential of these reptiles, Jones is apparently fearless, keeping two olive pythons of her very own as pets. I suspect these aren’t the best pets to cuddle with in front of the telly.

According to the niche yet interesting website Snake Facts, the olive python can reach over 13 feet (four meters) in length, with the average length being approximately eight feet (2.5 m).

Python eats crocodile.GG Wildlife Rescue/Facebook

Jawdropping stuff, but – yet again – I have become too freaked out to even consider setting foot in Australia…

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