NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds ‘Egg’ On Mars


NASA have just discovered evidence that may further prove life exists on Mars.

The Curiosity Rover has been able to find and photograph an unusual object – which NASA has described as an ‘egg’ – on the Red Planet’s surface.

The object can clearly been seen in the images captured by Curiosity’s Mast Cam.


NASA researcher Pierre-Yves Meslin said:

The dark, smooth and lustrous aspect of this target, and its sort of spherical shape attracted the attention of some MSL scientists when we received the Mastcam images at the new location.


Although NASA have named it ‘Egg Rock’ due to it’s appearance, the inanimate object is actually more likely to be a ball of melted metal than an egg containing extra-terrestrial offspring.

Chemical analysis showed that the rock is composed of metal. It is likely to be a meteorite that became molten as it entered Mars’ atmosphere, upon which point it solidified into it unusual shape.

The exciting discovery could enable further research into the vast plethora of materials that exist in the solar system.


Curiosity was deployed to help researchers trace the geological history of Mars five years ago, and has since discovered that once the Red Planet was actually home to a body of water.

This discovery fuelled theories that there is indeed life on Mars. Another day, another discovery notched up for the Curiosity Rover.