NASA Wants To Know Your Conspiracies And Hoaxes So They Can Debunk Them

by : Daniel Richardson on : 23 Oct 2020 16:53
NASA Wants To Know Your Conspiracies And Hoaxes So They Can Debunk ThemNASA/PA

Space is a great unknown and its mysteries are vast. Naturally, this leads to conspiracy theories.

Fortunately, NASA is taking the time to answer questions from the public, and there seems to be plenty of queries for the team.


The NASA Twitter account has opened itself up to questions about space conspiracies and hoaxes for its upcoming Halloween-themed #AskNASA episode. The tweet from the space program offered some example questions to start the conversation. The questions they offered to field were about the moon landing and the shape of the Earth, but on top of these queries, it seems that the public (and LEGO) have their own questions which they are keen to get an answer for.

There will undoubtedly be questions about whether there are aliens on the natural satellite or if it has a cheese-based surface that logically leads down to a fondue-esque core.

However, some of the initial questions have had more of a serious tone and include queries about ‘Operation Paperclip,’ mass furlough and solar micronovas. Equally, some people wanted to know more about the situation of Space Launch Systems, and while these kind of questions aren’t exactly conspiracies, they could have interesting answers.


With that said, a few people did pitch in with some joke questions, which will likely be overlooked to keep the answers focused rather than farcical.

A lot of people are asking for proof of the 1969 moon landing, and with NASA offering to answer this question there may be some significant evidence offered to those who are uncertain of its validity. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see if NASA can give an answer that removes the doubt of those who question Neil Armstrong’s steps on moon.

The conspiracy episode of #AskNASA looks set to have some entertaining answers and possibly some surprises, too.


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