New Flat Earth Theory Is Most Bizarre One Yet

New Flat Earth Theory Is Most Bizarre One YetITV

Flat earthers have been making quite a name for themselves lately. They’ve been featuring in the news quite heavily, voicing their ‘interesting’ theories on a whole host of platforms.

Recently, the UK held its first Flat Earth Convention where around 200 self-confessed flat-earthers shared their opinions on the shape of our planet.

One of said theories came directly from the mind of musician, Darren Nesbit, who claimed that we are not living on a spherical Earth but instead in a sort-of Pac-Man world.

New Flat Earth Theory Is Most Bizarre One YetFlickr

More specifically Mr Nesbit said:

We know that continuous east-west travel is possible. One logical possibility for those who are truly free thinkers is that space-time wraps around and we get a Pac-Man effect.

He went onto explain that there are two main observations to clarify his way of thinking, reports the Mirror.

New Flat Earth Theory Is Most Bizarre One YetDaz Nez / YouTube

Mr Nesbit added:

One is that, go look or stand outside – the world is clearly not moving!

I know they fudge a whole load of nonsensical reasons why we don’t feel this 1,038 + 67,000 + 500,000 mph motion in different directions but anyone who’s ever been in an earthquake knows what it feels like when the Earth really is moving and not perfectly stable.

Showing an incredible level of creative though, he said:

The other is that no matter where you live on this supposed ball, you seem to live right on top of it.

Someone should be living on the side of the ball, with a perfectly vertical landscape, and people should be living underneath it, walking upside down.

Isaac Newton’s mind-blowing and famous, or perhaps infamous in this situation, theory of gravity is what most believe gives reason for folk to be able to walk ‘at the bottom of the globe’ without being upside down.

Earlier this year, UNILAD sat down with a famous flat earth theorist to ask him some of the biggest questions:

Nesbit also appeared on This Morning alongside two other theorists where they left Holly and Phil truly mind-boggled with their theories.

At one particularly memorable part of the interview, Holly said:

One of the highlights of my career was interviewing Major Tim Peak, up on the International Space Station.

Now, you see he brought in his beautiful book, you see the curvature of the Earth, you very clearly see that it’s a circle.

Now are you telling me, this interview with him – I’m just talking to someone that’s just made that up or someone who’s not actually there?

To which Mr Nesbit replied ‘no’, as he shook his head.

Holly then asked: ‘Where is he then?’

Fellow conspiracist, Mr Heather said:

In a Hollywood studio-type thing… maybe here where we are now.

Phil then said what everybody was thinking:

So you’re saying Tim Peak is a liar.

They then came to the conclusion that they would apologise if they were shown photographers of airplanes flying upside down. To be fair, that’d be a pretty cool shot.

My biggest issue with the whole flat earth argument is that I just can’t understand why we’d be lied to about this. I’ve heard their explanations but I can’t imagine if the Earth was flat and I had known since day one my life would be any different.

Each to their own though.

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