Nostradamus Doomsday Comet Set To Shower Earth With Meteors Tonight


Good news for astronomers and doomsday preppers, there’s going to be a meteor shower tonight and it’s prophesied to bring about the end of the world. 

The prophecy comes from ‘doomsday expert’ Nostradamus who predicted that when Halley’s Comet passed over the Earth it would bring about the Armageddon.

According to The Daily Star the Mayans , who rather infamously failed to predict the last apocalypse in 2012, also back up his idea claiming ‘fiery shower’ is going to doom us all.


All the way back in the black and white times Nostradamus wrote: 

A fire will fall from the sky which will appear in several countries and will burn some palace: the fire will be great.

At the end of this Moon and one part of another, one will doubt in several countries the conflagration of Vesuvius or Phaethon to come again one other time.

However one part of its fire is to come infallibly in 1607.


While this is demonstrably bullshit – the meteor shower is actually the tail of Halley’s Comet breaking up and they’re called the ‘Orionids’ because they appear to burst from Orion’s constellation – there have been legitimate fears about the comet.

Back in 1910 scientists believed that the big ball of rock and ice would smash into the Earth after some calculations suggested it was on a collision course with the planet.

Thankfully the world didn’t end that day because the scientists got their sums wrong but the idea of a cataclysmic crash is an unfortunate reality.

armageddonTwentieth Century Fox

NASA have been investigating and cataloguing asteroids which could hit the planet and are even devising counter measures to stop them should they be on a collision course.

Don’t worry about the meteor shower tonight though it’s going to be nothing but lights in the sky.