Only 10% Of People Are Smart Enough To Solve This Memory Test


Do you fancy yourself among the elite of international intelligentsia?

This memory test is able to separate the smart from the stupid, apparently, with only 10 per cent of people making it through to the end getting all thirteen chin-scratching questions correct.

The premise is simple: There are twelve words in four different boxes and words are removed from the image in each round. You just have to remember what they were and where they went.


…It all sounds so easy, but the old adage goes, ‘Pride comes before the fall’.

So give the quiz a go and see if you’re one of the lucky chosen ones with a super memory and a kick ass brain.

The test has ninety per cent of people scratching their heads, baffled as to why they can’t remember these simple twelve words. While passing the test isn’t exactly a one-way ticket to join Mensa, it is a nice ego boost for your brain.

Meanwhile, the rest of us dunces are left cursing the elusive fox residing in box two and that runaway vehicle in box four.