People Call For Reality Show Where Flat Earthers Find ‘The Edge Of The World’

by : UNILAD on : 20 Aug 2017 18:23

Flat earthers. They’re the gift that keep on giving, aren’t they? Without a shadow of a doubt, save for creationists, the thickest people on our (spherical) planet.

But as a whole, as a collective force, they aren’t much else. For example, flat earthers don’t kill people who disagree with them, which makes the movement void of serious debate.


You’d never see a thread on Reddit where people discuss a reality show where Nazis swap wives with Jews. But you may already have seen one about flat earthers travelling to the edge of the world.

Conveniently enough, they don’t believe it’s possible to reach the absolute tip of the planet as it’s no-zoned by a giant ‘ice wall’.


And they also thought the recent solar eclipse in the States proved them right.


brssnj45 explained:

I recently met a flat earther. So the idea is that there’s a gap in the ring you can pass through, but it’s being guarded by the military at the South pole, and absolutely no one is allowed past that point.

Thus what we think is our planet is more like Attack on Titan, and this giant ring is a wall we don’t know about and can’t go past.

Others were less… polite.

Knut_Sunbeams wrote:


I got banned from their sub for laughing at them. Their mentality seems to be that even if they were taken to space and shown the Earth as the sphere it is they still wouldn’t believe it so they ‘challenge’ the ideas of so called intellectuals.

Personally if you’re going to deny science in such a stupid f*cking way and spout conspiracy theories about NASA you should be banned from using anything made possible by science. Have these morons living in huts with zero access to technology.

Instead of sending flat earthers to the ‘edge of earth’, someone suggested putting them on a space shuttle and sending them into space ‘… but after they see the earth, the ship should just keep going further and further and further and further.’

Would you watch that? A six-week reality show where flat earthers essentially… die? But to distract from that we’d throw in a few glamour models to create love interests. Love Island meets The Martian.


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