People Think NASA’s Latest Lander Picture Proves Mars Is Flat


Earlier today NASA released the first image their InSight rover took after it landed on the surface of Mars.

The space agency’s craft landed at 2:53pm EST on Monday November 26 sending back an image to Earth only minutes after touching down on the red planet.

Costing a billion dollars, the InSight rover reached its destination after travelling a distance of more than 300 million miles over the past seven months.

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Beginning its fascinating mission to study what is beneath the surface of Mars listening for what NASA dubbed ‘Marsquakes’, the rover sent back an image which shows a region of the planet known as Elysium Planitia.

Sharing the photo on Twitter, NASA wrote:

Wish you were here! NASA InSight sent home its first photo after Mars Landing.

InSight’s view is a flat, smooth expanse called Elysium Planitia, but its workspace is below the surface, where it will study Mars’ deep interior.

The image sent back to Earth via two mini satellites known as Marco-A and B does not really show much, as it’s partially obscured by a dust cover thanks to debris kicked up during the landing.

Soon this dust cover will disappear though allowing the rover to send back much clearer images but for now we can see the horizon of Mars in the distance.

The region is also very ‘flat’ as NASA mentioned in their tweet which means we all know what is coming next – hello conspiracy theory!

Although it has been accepted for hundreds of years, since Pythagoras even, that planet Earth is spherical, many people don’t believe this.

Flat Earth conspiracy theorists are convinced our planet is a flat disc and a ’round Earth conspiracy’ has been created by NASA and other government agencies.

And now they are saying the same about Mars suggesting the photo the rover took demonstrates that planet is flat too.

So I guess these people are now ‘Flat Marsers’ as well as ‘Flat Earthers’…

Scott took to Twitter bringing up the theory and honestly I don’t know if he is being serious or not:

First photo from the little dude on Mars. Unbelievable. Hang on…looks flat! Is Mars flat as well as earth?! CONSPIRACY!!!!

Another user called ‘Grover the Rover’ pointed to the horizon as evidence:

Mars is flat look at the horizon.

Nick Taylor also backed these people up saying the horizon wasn’t curved:

There’s no curve on Mars. Flat Mars.

Juan Doe wished NASA all the best with their mission warning them not to drive off the edge of the planet:

Congratulations for landing on the Flat Mars. Be careful not to drive it off the edge.

With NASA’s rover analysing the interior of the planet, I am sure it won’t be long until the agency provides more evidence of why Mars is indeed round, just like our planet Earth.

But then again I suppose Flat Marsers will just argue this is yet another government conspiracy to trick us all!

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