People With Ginger Hair Are ‘Better In Bed’, Study Finds

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 19 Oct 2018 12:30
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The popularity of redheads is on the rise. Not since Braveheart have we seen so many fired-up ginger-haired people ready to unleash themselves on the world.


And why? Because all these amazing facts keep emerging about redheads, that’s why.

Not only did it emerge recently that people with ginger hair are having more sex, it’s also been revealed that these lucky people are better at it too.

It’s believed the redhead resurgence is thanks to the rise in of a few famous faces like Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard.


However, it’s also down to a little thing called science, as several studies have shown some very revealing things when it comes to our redheaded friends.

Several scientific studies have found that not only do redheads have more sex, but their physical characteristics and genetic makeup make them better at it too.

You see, people with ginger hair have a particular gene, called the MC1R gene, which is connected to the distinct colouration.

This gene makes the individual more sensitive to touch than men and women with other hair colours. People with red hair are also susceptible to feel hot and cold temperatures more quickly, as well as having a higher pain threshold.

Due to this increased sensitivity, it is believed people with ginger hair find it easier to reach orgasm during sex.

In his book The Redhead Encyclopedia, the author Stephen Douglas also explains that redheads have a certain, alluring scent on their skin. This fragrance, cause by particular pheromones, make people with red hair even more appealing to some people.

A researcher from the University of Hamburg found that ginger-haired people are having more sex than their blonde or brunette counterparts too, as the Daily Star reports.


The study found that, whether they are single or in a committed relationship, redheads are more sexually active than people with other hair colours, and even have a higher orgasm rate.

So how to celebrate all this awesome redhead news? With a giant redhead party of course!

The folks over at Red Hot, who have brought you a whole heap of handsome redheaded models in the form of calendars and social media showcasing, are now going to host a big hoo-ha devoted to our ginger brothers.

Following last year’s calendar launch, Red Hot have announced an ‘even hotter American-style house party’, in Soho, London. ‘Explore this unique opportunity to party with the worlds sexiest ginger boys,’ they write, ‘in a hazy maze of secret rooms, superstar DJ’s, peep shows and famous faces.’

The exclusive house party, officially called Gaydar & Meanshappy.com presents Red Hot American Boys, has a very limited number of public tickets, with a VIP option for those who desire to upgrade their experience and attend the special Red Hot dinner in the swanky L’Escargot restaurant prior to the main party at 9pm.

You can read more about it, as well as buying tickets to the unique event, here.

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