Planet Earth Cameraman Nearly Killed By Similar Stingray To Steve Irwin


I’m starting to think they need to make a version of ‘Jaws’ about stingrays.

They’ve already taken down crocodile conservationist legend Steve Irwin, and a ray almost killed Emmy award-winning Planet Earth II cameraman Tom Fitz.

During filming, Fitz accidentally stepped on a stingray and was hospitalised for the venomous sting on his leg and the nasty secondary infection he developed.


A source told the Mirror:

It was very serious. There were quite a few incidents during filming, but this was by far the worst.

The sting itself must have been excruciating, but the problem he felt was more to do with the lasting effects of it.

It was an unforeseeable accident that had quite an effect on his life. He was hospitalised for quite some time.

The episode producer and crew were also very shaken by it.


Tom, from Florida, was flown in as freelance cameraman to help with the first episode of the series, Islands.

He was filming the incredible scene with the sloths on Escudo, off Panama, when he was stung by the same species of ray that killed Aussie Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin in 2006.

Tom declined to talk about the accident but has since made a full recovery.


The talented nature photographer and cinematographer was awarded an Emmy in 2002 for his filming on the Blue Planet: Seas of Life.

I think more credit needs to go to the extraordinary crews who bring us such breathtaking footage.