Researchers Accidentally Discover ‘Hell’, It Just Wasn’t Where They Expected It

by : Tom Percival on : 07 Apr 2016 10:20
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So it turns out that hell is in the heavens, just not the biblical kind with clouds cherubs and halos, instead hell is a planet in space. 


While astronomers at NASA were busily hunting the vast cosmos for planets capable of sustaining life – using some of the most powerful radio and optical telescopes ever built – they stumbled across a slightly more ‘devilish’ world.

The planet ‘Cancri 55 e’, has been described as one of the most ‘intriguing’ planets ever discovered in recent history, mainly because of how eerily close it is to the pit of eternal damnation that is hell, Wonderful Engineering reports.


Apparently Cancri has two faces. One of them is in state of perpetual darkness, which may sound scary but it’s nothing compared to the other side which is a roaring inferno entirely covered in bubbling and boiling lava.

Scientists believe that the side which faces its sun can reach temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Celsius and if all that isn’t scary enough, the atmosphere is also composed of Hydrogen Cyanide, a gas so poisonous gas that exposure causes death within minutes.

To top it off the planet also reportedly releases huge amounts of strong radiation which possibly indicates it’s about to collapse, so it’s probably not advisable to get Space X to take you there for a trip…

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