Scientists Confess The Horrifying Experiments They’d Try If They Had No Morals

by : Daniel Richardson on : 17 Jun 2021 16:54
Scientists Confess The Horrifying Experiments They'd Try If They Had No MoralsSony Pictures Releasing/20th Century Fox

A Reddit post has called for scientists to discuss the experiments they would like to conduct if they had no morals, and the results are shocking. 

Despite the many scientific discoveries that have changed the world, some experiments are off-limits for ethical reasons.


However, a few curious souls have now encouraged scientists to discuss what experiments they would like to conduct if they had no morals. The surprising answers will likely make you glad there are rules that prevent certain experiments from being conducted.

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Some of the responses to the r/AskReddit question, ‘(Serious) Scientists of Reddit, what is something you desperately want to experiment with, but will make you look like a mad scientist?’ were logical responses to ongoing problems. For example, one person who analyses ancient coins said they would perform ‘a full compositional’ analysis of them and this would lead to them being dissolved in acid.

While this would be unethical, it could give additional insight into the history of the coins.


However, some scientists had much wilder ideas. One person noted a desire to clone serial killers, raise them normally, and see if they end up displaying violent traits. Another pondered what would happen if you left a person in a room with no human interaction and see how they develop with no language or outside influences.

A commenter also wondered what would happen to a group of children if they were never told about sex. They wanted to know if the children would eventually figure out reproduction if they were completely isolated from the topic as they grew up.

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Some less dark experiments were suggested but would also be unlikely to get the green light. A popular post wanted to see the Olympics if every athlete was allowed to take drugs enabling them to achieve their best. Someone else wanted to ‘basically study every single poop this child has, their eating habits, their health conditions, any medications, vaccinations, etc. for years.’


Perhaps the most concerning pitch for an experiment simply read, ‘Animal/human hybrids.’ Fortunately, Spider-Man has taught us this kind of experiment rarely works and when it does, the successful hybrid spends most of their time stopping the less fortunate experiment’s chaos.

Some of the most interesting wishlist experiments included putting wildlife on an island and routinely feeding them to see ‘if they continue to hunt or start using civil behaviour.’ There was also a call for creating miniature elephants, for no other reason than a desire to cuddle them.

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    (Serious) Scientists of Reddit, what is something you desperately want to experiment with, but will make you look like a mad scientist?