Scientists Just Discovered Something Massive Moving Inside The Earth’s Core


As you woke up this morning and travelled to work, uni or elsewhere you probably didn’t realise the gargantuan iron serpent beneath you – but it’s there and scientists are losing their fucking minds over it. 

The serpent lives inside the planet’s outer liquid core and is currently based in the Northern Hemisphere, reports The Independent.

However as the gargantuan liquid creature travels around 50 kilometres every year it is thought the beast will be living under Alaska and Siberia in the near future.


The groundbreaking scientific finding of the liquid was announced at the annual gathering of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, where they also revealed the giant is most likely being driven by the earth’s magnetic field.

Dr Chris Finlay, a senior scientist at the Technical University of Denmark, said:

This a very dense liquid metal, and it takes a huge amount of energy to move this thing around.

He also claimed the liquid metal is probably ‘the fastest motion we have anywhere within the solid Earth’.


At the minute the stream is around 420 kilometers wide but is mysteriously expanding by about 40 kilometers every year – becoming so powerful it effects the way our solid inner core rotates.

At the minute there isn’t all that much scientists can say for sure about the enigmatic serpent of the earth’s outer core however I’m certain there’ll be millions of questions asked.