Scientists Reveal What Jesus Looked Like And It’ll Surprise You

by : UNILAD on : 07 Jan 2017 13:12
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It’s days like this when you realise just how amazing technology can be, as scientists reveal what they believe Jesus really looked like. 


People often imagine Jesus with long hair, a lengthy beard and bizarrely – despite being born in the middle east – with fair skin. Has nobody questioned that at all?

Besides having no real reasoning or logic behind it, that sort of description is the kind of classic image that comes to mind when we picture Jesus.

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But actually, as it turns out, we could be completely wrong if this scientific revelation is anything to go by.


A determined forensic scientist, Richard Neave believes he has finally re-created a ‘true depiction’ of Jesus, using historical evidence, artist’s representations and descriptions from the bible, indy100 reports.

He began his journey of dedication and discovery to uncover the ‘real’ Jesus, nearly 20-years-ago back in 1998 when he started to examine skulls from North Israel from the first century.

After this, he made a plaster cast of a skull for the BBC documentary Son of God and it looks like nothing we were expecting.

Forensic Anthropologist Richard Neave, this is what Jesus Christ may have looked like. Using information from skulls found at Israeli archaeological sites, this is his rendition. What do you think?

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Instead of the iconic image we’re accustomed to seeing in paintings and on church friezes, Richard’s interpretation has much shorter hair, a cropped beard and is much darker skinned.

How mysterious.

We probably won’t ever known 100 per cent what Christ himself looked like, but Richard’s certainly had a damn good crack at nailing it.

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