Scientists Think They’ve Found The Lost City Of Atlantis

by : George Pavlou on : 12 May 2017 08:13

The lost city of Atlantis has supposedly been found beneath the ice in Antarctica according to a research team from the University of Brussels in Belgium.

Every year at least three or four stories emerge about the discovery of the mythical lost city which supposedly sunk thousands of years ago.


Still a point of interest for many, the discovery of these ‘land masses’ underneath the South Pole ice cap have left researchers believing they may have finally found the resting place of Atlantis.


Greek philosopher Plato first said the city was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean but since then theorists have placed it on the other side of the Americas, closer to the Pacific and Indian oceans.

The University of Brussels researchers however believe they have found gigantic structures as big as the Eiffel Tower beneath the ice. One of the structures is said to be made from a mixture of mud and sandstone, standing at an incredible 490x130ft.


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Experts claim the land masses ‘carve deep incisions at the bottom of the ice’ and are evidence of ‘water conduits and sediment ridges below the Antarctic ice sheet’.

Apparently the small marks discovered are the start of wider channels and in places where the ice floats above the ocean, the thin ice is a weak spot exposed to warmer water beneath.

All very confusing if you’re not a scientist, to be perfectly honest. I’d much rather just believe it’s the Lost City of Atlantis.

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