Sleep Is Killing Us Slowly According To This Study


Everyone loves sleep.

The snooze button is loved as much as the alarm clock is detested for most people, so to hear one study has claimed sleep is killing us slowly is slightly alarming.

Scratch that, its f*cking terrifying.

The study, done by Patricia Wong, from the University of Pittsburgh and published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism claims that changes in the amount of time you sleep can have negative effects.

They include a higher BMI, heart disease and diabetes.

It’s because chronotypes – the time a person’s individual sleep cycle should last – gets interrupted and changed by various things, and shift workers suffer the most.

The study is the first one of it’s kind to link sleeping with metabolic issues – but as we know, there have been plenty of pervious studies that have raised links between poor sleep patterns and ill health.