Slo-Mo Footage Of Someone Speaking ‘Beautifully’ Demonstrates The Need For Masks

by : Mike Williams on : 24 Oct 2020 17:03
Slo-Mo Footage Of Someone Speaking 'Beautifully' Demonstrates The Need For MasksSlo-Mo Footage Of Someone Speaking 'Beautifully' Demonstrates The Need For MasksThe Slow Mo Guys/PA Images

A new video showing the health risks of speaking without a mask on has been shared – and it’s already got Dr. Anthony Fauci’s approval.

YouTubeers, the Slo-Mo Guys, have created a video that shows how much safer it is to speak with a mask on, and how much spit and aerosolised particles leave your mouth upon uttering the most basic words.


Gav introduces viewers by telling them he’s about to film some basic, everyday things, like speaking, counting, and sneezing. Each is repeated, one time without a mask and the other without.

Dr. Anthony FauciDr. Anthony FauciPA Images

The experiment, as he explains, will illustrate ‘why it’s important to wear a mask in public, during a pandemic, such as this one’.

‘We’re quite visuals creatures,’ he goes on to say. His video captures and slow-motion edits the footage that’s combined with harshly backlighting of his mouth, to record some ‘disgustingly clear footage’ of what leaks out of a human’s face. And, well, he’s not wrong.


The creator coughs, counts to four, and sneezes several times.

Be warned, the footage in question is pretty gross:

Two things are apparent: firstly, you will no longer be hungry. Second, the amount of saliva and particles that exit a person’s mouth and nostrils, when doing what most of us would consider everyday things, is shocking.


Unsurprisingly, the footage with the mask releases very few, if any, particles. This is a great example of why it’s imperative to wear one.

‘That is so nasty,’ he rightly observes, before connecting to Dr. Anthony Fauci to talk about why wearing masks is essential during the coronavirus pandemic.

After watching, Fauci says it is ‘a beautiful demonstration of the importance of wearing mask and face coverings.’ He goes on to remind us that 40–45% of people infected don’t show any symptoms.

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