Solar Storm That Caused ‘Great Fire In The Sky’ Could Hit Earth Again

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 02 Apr 2021 09:43
Solar Storm That Caused 'Great Fire In The Sky' Could Hit Earth AgainNASA

Scientists have revealed that a ‘great fire’ in the sky could well appear again, causing havoc among power grids all over the world.

Back in 1582, a similar event took place when people across Europe and Asia witnessed what they described as a ‘fiery red display in the sky’.


While very little had been known about this bizarre celestial event until now, scientists at Cornell University have recently found a number of eye-witness accounts from people who saw it for themselves.

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One witness, called Pero Ruiz Soares, described the event as:

All that part of the sky appeared burning in fiery flames; it seemed that the sky was burning.

Nobody remembered having seen something like that… At midnight, great fire rays arose above the castle which were dreadful and fearful.

The following day, it happened the same at the same hour but it was not so great and terrifying. Everybody went to the countryside to see this great sign.


Of course, it’s unsurprising that people would be frightened of such an event during this time, however scientists now know that what the witnesses described was a huge solar storm; something which occurred again in 1909, and then again in 1989.

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The following solar storm, in 1909, is believed to have been far more powerful, and has been described as one of the most intense events of the 20th century, according to Universe Today.

Not only did the storm fill the sky with a spectacular red and fiery display, it also interfered with telegraph systems all over Earth, thanks to violent levels of geomagnetic disturbance.


The next solar storm wasn’t quite as powerful, but it did manage to completely knock out the entirety of Quebec’s power grid.


However, these events are incredibly helpful in allowing scientists and astronomers to be able to predict future solar activity. Based on previous events, experts have revealed they believe these particular fiery storms could be ‘a once-in-a-century occurrence and one or two can be expected in the 21st century,’ MailOnline reportd.

Whenever the next solar storm does land in our sky, scientists have warned that it could cause many millions of pounds worth of damages by knocking out power sources all over the world.


These kinds of extreme weather storms are caused by boiling hot plasma being shot out of the sun, forming what is known as solar flares and winds.

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