Spectacular Lyrid Meteor Shower Will Peak Tonight And Coincide With New Moon

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 21 Apr 2020 15:29
Spectacular Meteor Shower Will Peak Tonight And Be Lit Up By New MoonPA Images

If you’re in need of a little sparkle to brighten your day, then look no further than the sky tonight to witness the annual Lyrid meteor shower, which will coincide with a new moon.

The meteor shower, which takes place every year and shines brighter than your future, is set to reach its peak today, April 21, and tomorrow morning, with between 10 and 15 meteors appearing in the night sky.


If you want to lay your eyes on the magnificent show, all you have to do is find a dark sky anywhere in the northern hemisphere, before taking a seat and looking up at the stars, ideally between midnight and dawn.

Spectacular Meteor Shower Will Peak Tonight And Be Lit Up By New MoonPA Images

The shower will be the first of its kind since early January, which means it will be relatively calm in comparison to others. However, stargazers still can’t get enough of the show because it’s the oldest recorded meteor shower in history, with the first sighting recorded from ancient China in 687 BC.

Last year, Lyrids took place at the very same time as a bright waning gibbous moon, which is almost a full moon.


The Lyrids are made up of dust and rock that have been left behind by comet C/1861, otherwise known as Thatcher, while our planet travels through a cloud of debris left behind by the icy rock.

Spectacular Meteor Shower Will Peak Tonight And Be Lit Up By New MoonPA Images

Each year, the meteor shower is caused when the Earth intersects with Thatcher’s dusty tail. The showers create streaks in the sky that can be seen on Earth from miles away.

Incredible scenes.


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