Street Dog With Severe Facial Abscesses Makes Incredible Transformation After Being Saved

by : Francesca Donovan on : 20 Oct 2018 13:33

Warning: Contains Graphic Images

dog suffering abscesses undergoes transformationdog suffering abscesses undergoes transformationAnimal Aid Unlimited, India

A very brave street dog suffering abscesses on their face has undergone an incredible transformation after being found in distress by charity workers.

It’s always heart-wrenching to see an innocent animal in pain or suffering due to neglect. But this particular stray dog’s abscesses are something else.

Luckily, the dog was found by the animal charity workers of Animal Aid Unlimited, India who were able to nurse him back to health with some TLC, the proper medical treatment and safe shelter from the elements and infection.

You can watch the dog’s journey below:


The animal activists based in India were alerted to the dog’s plight when they received a call from a local worried about the dog’s health.

They came across the dog suffering abscesses in his face, which were among the biggest they’d seen in a canine, and were causing the severe swelling seen in the footage they captured of the rescue.

An abscess is a collection of pus which occurs anywhere on a dog’s body and can be caused by parasites, bites and bacteria.

dog suffering abscesses undergoes transformationdog suffering abscesses undergoes transformationAnimal Aid Unlimited, India

An abscess actually protects the dog’s body by localising an infection. But it can be incredibly painful and dangerous if left untreated.

The video shows two charity workers approaching the dog, who they described as ‘friendly’, but who was in too much pain to be touched.


The dog accepted food from the workers, who were able to use a non-traditional method of catching the dog in a net to prevent the animal running away, so they could give the dog treatment.

Although the rescue itself is hard to watch, with the dog clearly uncomfortable being trapped, the subsequent recovery makes it all worthwhile.

Further footage shows the dog being taken to a vet, who examines the facial sores and locates the abscess. In more distressing video captures, the dog is put under anaesthetic and the abscess is popped.

The snout area which was swollen was then shaved in order for the vet to operate fully.

The vet and volunteers – who all looked distraught to see an animal in this way – inserted a drainage tube and sutured up the wound to avoid infection.

But the operation appeared to have been a success – and thankfully, it looks as though the dog was unawares through the whole ordeal.

Just two weeks later, the dog is filmed having made a full recovery at the Animal Aid Unlimited centre, playing in the yard with one of the volunteers, who befriended the dog.

The dog is barely recognisable, as he plays and is stroked and petted by his new human pal. The pup’s facial hair had even grown back to its full golden glory.

Surely, he’ll have lots of new friends now at the centre, where some of India’s neglected animals are taken to safety.


Animal Aid Unlimited is a leading street animal rescue centre in India. Their hospital and sanctuary are home to more than 4,500 rescued and recovering animals each year.

You can donate to Animal Aid Unlimited, India to help save street animals like this one.

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