‘Test UFOs’ Spotted In Sky Above America


Just recently NASA has shut down claims made by Anonymous that they are on the brink of discovering intelligent alien life.

And now there is another claim that they are going to have to respond to as footage of bright lights in the night sky has caused many to fear that there is an oncoming alien attack.

Ufologists believe that the light show could have been the space agency sending test UFOs into the sky in preparation for an impending alien invasion.


And indeed NASA did send something into the sky as their Malemute sounding rocket lit it up with blue, green and red lights on June 29.

The lights were seen across the US from North Carolina to New York.

The rocket was sent up to allow NASA to create artificial clouds so scientists on the ground could visually track particle motions in space.

Launching from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, the rocket reached an altitude of 118 miles and lasted eight minutes.

10 canisters about the size of soda cans were deployed, each one containing a coloured vapour that together formed the clouds.

The facility, along with local police stations received 2,000 reports from onlookers who were terrified that the lights were alien related.


Conspiracy theorists now claim that NASA are preparing for war with an alien race.

UFO ‘expert’ SecureTeam10 posted a video on YouTube stating:

This looked like an alien invasion and it would appear they’re testing different technologies that could potentially be used in order to get people frightened and flood the 911 centres with calls about these strange lights moving through the sky

They run their test, they got their reaction and they have the perfect cover story.

Do you guys think that a lot of the UFO sightings we see are not from off planet but are in fact from our own government?

Are they nothing but holographic simulations in order to condition us for the big alien invasion.

You can watch the video here:

In the comments some viewers were convinced while others accused the video of unnecessary fear mongering.

And so, is NASA preparing for alien war or is this just another wild conspiracy theory?