The Truth Behind Cardi B’s Iconic Meme Is Revealed By Scientists

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The Truth Behind Cardi B’s Iconic Meme Is Revealed By ScientistsAlamy/Vine FC/YouTube

A scientist has taken a closer look at Cardi B’s ‘a hoe never gets cold’ meme to find out if it’s true.

In 2014, the WAP rapper posted a video to social media as she prepared for a night out in frosty Canada. Wearing a bra top and pencil skirt, she said, ‘It’s cold outside but I’m still looking like a thottie because a hoe never gets cold.’


The quote led to Vines and other memes being created even to this day, coming before Cardi B achieved the level of worldwide fame she has now. Seven years later, scientists have the answer to whether her claims were true.


Roxanne Felig (@naia_papaia) posted a TikTok breaking down ‘what [her] research lab considers, the Cardi B study’, scientifically testing whether a ‘hoe’ gets cold or not.

‘It seemed like what Cardi was saying was that she was too focused on how she looked and what she was wearing to feel cold, and this actually aligns perfectly with the main theoretical perspective that I use to conduct my research which is objectification theory,’ she explains.


This theory ‘posits that when women take an outsider’s perspective of their bodies, so when women are focused on how they appear externally, it reduces the amount of cognitive resources available to appraise their internal states,’ Roxanne says, meaning they won’t necessarily notice as urgently how hungry they are, or their increased heartbeats.


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To put this to the test, she spoke to women waiting outside clubs on cold nights, surveying them on ‘trait self-objectivation’, how often they thought about how they looked as opposed to how they felt on a daily basis, how many drinks they’d had and after measuring the exact temperature, how cold they felt. They also took photos to compare the amount of skin exposed.

‘We predicted that for women who are high on self-objectification, regardless of how much skin they have exposed, they wouldn’t feel cold,’ she says.


The video has racked up nearly 100,000 views, with many stunned but then unsurprised by the findings. ‘This really makes me think of the Kate Moss ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’. I guess it might have been true in her brain?’ one user suggested, to which Roxanne replied with a sad face.

The full research paper is available to view here.

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