There’s Going To Be A ‘Giant Beaver Moon’ In The Sky Tonight

by : UNILAD on : 03 Nov 2017 11:31

A ‘Beaver Moon’ – yes you read it correctly, is set to light up our skies this evening and as an added bonus, on Saturday too!


Now, if like me, you’ve never heard of this type of moon before, fear not, I shall explain.

I’ll warn you too, which may disappoint some, it has nothing to do with beavers, animals or anything else which may be referred to as a beaver!


So as you’re heading out for the start of your bonfire weekend – or simply gazing from the comfort of your warm, snug home – have a glance up into the skies.


The full moon will appear 14 per cent bigger than usual as well as being a third brighter than what we’re used to seeing.

This phenomenon – and the second supermoon of the year – was given its peculiar name because traditionally, it was the period in time when hunters, looking for fur, set out beaver traps.


Now for the scientific explanation, which I know you’ll all be fascinated in – and no I’m not being sarcastic…

‘Beaver Moon’ sees the night-time globe orbit closer, at 226,182 miles compared with its average of 238,900.

As an added bonus, The Met Office yesterday forecast clear skies, so it’s definitely something we all have a chance of seeing… as long as they’re right!

Whether you decide to brave the chilly-autumn-air on Friday or Saturday, you’ll have a chance of spotting it regardless.


The supermoon is set to appear on both nights, so keep those eyes peeled… if you can take them away from the array of fireworks which will grace our skies.

According to the Sun, Royal Observatory astronomer Tom Kerss said:

It should be a really beautiful sight.

It’s worth noting that the best time to see any object in the sky is when it’s as high it can be, so really around midnight.

Hmmmmm, midnight! I’m going to have to make sure my old age doesn’t set in and I’m able to surpass my usual curfew of hitting the sack at around 10pm!


Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples said:

There would have been some rain on the start of Saturday that clears away and actually, we get into much clearer skies as we go through Saturday evening and overnight, but there will be some showers in more northern and western areas.

There is a good chance of catching a glimpse of it.

If you can casts your minds back to the start of the year, January 12 was when we caught a glimpse of the first supermoon of 2017.

If you’re not going to be able to have a look over the weekend, then fear not, a third supermoon has been forecasted to fall December 3.

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