This Incredible Machine Uses Plastic Bags To Heat Our Homes

Blest-plastic-to-oilBlest Corporation

However useful they are, plastic bags have proven to be an environmental nightmare.

According to Wonderful Engineering, they are one of the biggest causes of urban pollution, and are extremely hard to get rid of – unfortunately they can’t be processed, burned or recycled very easily.

But now a Japanese inventor has come up with a brilliant solution. Akinori Ito has managed to convert plastic bags – as well as other plastics like bottles and caps – into petroleum.

The Blest Corporation are marketing it, and it’s called the Carbon-negative system – catchy name.

The petroleum in the bags can be transformed and used to heat homes in winter and boil water. Ito’s machine works by heating the plastic bags into vapours and converting it into fuel through condensation, creating an inflammable liquid.

Blest-plastic-to-oil01Blest Corporation

This could be a major breakthrough in how we deal with plastic waste!