This Is The Weird Reason Why Your Nipples Get Hard

by : UNILAD on : 05 Sep 2016 21:22

Scientists have finally found the point of nipple erections.


Obviously they perk up when its too cold…or if you’re getting too hot (you know what I mean).

But I’ve noticed that they seem to just have a mind of their own, especially on the day I wear a thin white t-shirt.


And it turns out there is one little neuron that spends its whole life just deciding whether your nipples will be hard every day.


Scientists from the Karolinska Institutet have explained that the neurons just turn them on and off as they please, which doesn’t bode well for any free-the-nipple-ers out there.

I’m glad science is really tackling the big stuff here…


Co-author Alessandro Furlan said:

One thing we found was that goose bumps and nipple erection are caused by neurons that are specialised to regulate these functions by controlling the erectile muscles in these tissues.

Here’s a reminder of George Clooney’s beautifully pointy nipples on his 1997 Batman costume:

BatmanBatmanPolyGram Pictures

It looks like there’s nothing we can do to stop them behaving in this way then, so we might have to just embrace the erection.

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    This is the reason why your nipples go hard… and it’s not always to do with sex