This Is What A Beating Heart Looks Like


Beating Heart

A curious woman has been where no one – without a medial degree – has been before.

The 30-year-old nurse had open heart surgery to treat her aortic aneurysm, but as well as performing a life-saving operation, she had an additional request for her doctors.

She wanted to see her own heart, so asked the surgeon to take a picture of it sitting inside her chest.


They one-upped the request by filming her heart, post-op, beating in her body.

The woman, who goes by Mak224 on Reddit, has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, and went for surgery to replace her aortic root.

She was persuaded to post the video to Reddit by friends and said, ‘I figured there are a lot of weirdos out there like us that would love to see it.’

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After receiving messages from other curious Reddit users, Mak44 responded.

She wrote:

I’m a super healthy person, and this in fact did not happen because I am fat haha. I’m 5’11 and 139 lbs, never smoked in my life, and get teased for how healthy I eat and how often I work out. I just have crappy connective tissue so it decided to balloon out! I’m 10 days out of surgery now and recovering really well, I appreciate all the kind wishes!!

I’m glad people as weird and curious as this still exist in the world, and wish Mak224 a speedy recovery.

Thank god they didn’t drop the phone in.