This Road In France Disappears Underwater Twice A Day


There’s a crazy road in France where you can only drive on it twice a day, as at all other times, it’s completely submerged by water…

Passage du Gois is an unusual road connecting the Gulf of Burnёf with the french island of Noirmoutier, which floods twice a day, every day, according to brightside.

The fact that the road is precariously positioned in the sea, means that it can only be used for a few hours a day before it becomes hidden by 13ft of sea water.

The road has been around ‘officially,’ meaning that it first appeared on a map, in the early 1700s and by 1840 there was a regular horseback service along this treacherous track.

It’s only 2.58 miles long and looks pretty ordinary to be honest, but in reality, it’s ridiculously dangerous.

To try and make the road a little safer, panels have been added on either side of the road, which indicate if you can pass through or not.

But despite this, drivers get trapped in the perilous waters as the tide surges and envelopes the quickly diminishing road.

If a situation like that occurs, there is thankfully a system in place to rescue unfortunate travellers from a watery-fate.

Towers have been built high above sea-level, all along the road, so that if a person is caught out, they can scale the towers and wait until they are saved or until the tide ebbs away again.

Their abandoned car however is not so lucky…

I think I’ll be giving that drive a miss if I’m honest…