This Weird, Slimy See-Through Creature Is Baffling Experts

by : UNILAD on : 26 Aug 2016 13:27


A slimy, transparent creature found near a remote Norwegian cottage has got zoologists in a frenzy.


Karl Ingar Fossbakkens, 51, took photos of the 10-inch long animal with strange front-facing legs after his wife found it near their house in Tydal, Norway, The Mirror reports.

He said:

It was my wife who found it. She asked me to go out and remove it because she thought it was nasty.

It’s taken off completely online and I have received many inquiries.


Social media users have been debating its origins and expert zoologists are also scratching their heads over the freaky creature.

Zoologist Roar Solheim said it was likely to have been coughed up by a heron that couldn’t stomach the whole thing.

Solheim, a scientist at Agder Nature Museum, said:

The feet belong to a frog or a toad. As far as I know there is no other animal that has such feet.

The hind legs are folded forward, which looks strange.

The body and the head look very smooth, and it may indicate that it has been eaten and then regurgitated again.

The surface may look like that because the frog has been in contact with the bird’s stomach acid.

To be honest it looks pretty gross so I wouldn’t be surprised if some other animal coughed it back up in regret.

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    Bizarre slimy, transparent creature with 'strange legs' sparks investigation after it's found outside remote cottage