TikTokers Are Just Discovering How Our Solar System Travels Through Space

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TikTokers Are Just Discovering How Our Solar System Travels Through Spacekama..channel/TikTok

If you weren’t familiar with how our solar system moves through space, be prepare to have your mind blown.

As TikTokers have begun to discover, the universe is a weird and wonderful place, with many people of all ages having absolutely no idea how any of it works or what it looks like.


One user, @kama._.channel, was left dumbfounded when she discovered how exactly the solar system we live in travels throughout the vastness of space.

Take a look at her video to see her reaction, below:


As you can see, it’s pretty cool but how does it all work?

Well, there are many moving parts to the universe, with trillions of large masses within our solar system, which all orbit around the galactic centre over hundreds of millions of years.

Our solar system, as it travels, pulls forms a vortex which in turn pulls the planets behind it.

The comments were equally as wild. One said: ‘travelling?! In a pandemic ????? Pls’.


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Others couldn’t believe this is how it plays out: ‘i always thought we are in one spot WHAT?’ and ‘WHY DID I JUST THINK WE WERE SITTING STILL AND CHILLING?’.

‘Honestly, i wonder where the galaxy ends’, one user pondered.

Kama is known for sharing videos like this, having recently illustrated how shockingly big tsunami waves can get.


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