UFO Hunters Blame Aliens For Blowing Up Space X With ‘Laser’

by : Tom Percival on : 03 Sep 2016 12:16

Are aliens plotting to stop mankind from trekking out to the stars? Of course not, they don’t exist, but that’s not stopped conspiracy theorists from making shit up about it.

In case you missed it earlier this week, Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 Space X rocket was accidentally destroyed when it blew up during tests, ahead of its planned launch today.


While this is a massive loss both financially and technologically for the company who want to revolutionise space travel, conspiracy theorists are more concerned with a bird unidentified flying object they spotted during the launch.

giphy (64)
giphy (64)

Adding gasoline to the fire of the conspiracy theorists’ paranoia is Space X referring to there being an ‘anomaly’ on the launch pad – because they think this is the term the U.S. government use for aliens.

As a quick aside, why do conspiracy theorists think that the government would cover up the alien life but also have a term for them to use on social media? Surely they’d just deny it altogether? They’re not Kardashians, constantly blogging about getting a frappuccino with ET.


Anyway, back to the story. A number of keyboard warriors for truth took to YouTube to let the masses know of the definite existence of aliens.

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One posted: 

If between the left tower and right tower there is at least a quarter mile and the so called bug beamed from one end to the other in 1/4 second.

That bug is at least going 3,600mph minimum. Its not a bird, its an alien with a laser that destroyed the rocket. You can tell it is not a bird or a bug. Look at how the left tower hides the UFO behind it when you slow it down near the top.

This indicated the UFO is behind the tower and not in-front of the camera lens dropping the possibility of a bug.


We’re not quite sure why aliens who’ve mastered intergalactic travel would come and blow up our rocket with a ‘laser,’ but if we can’t trust the credibility of anonymous YouTube commenters, then who can we trust?

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Thankfully, not everyone was convinced and Wayne Farmer asked:

Which is more likely: a UFO destroys the rocket, or volatile fuels accidentally ignite during rocket fuelling? UFO theorists, in this case Occam’s Razor applies.


Meanwhile, the venerable website smobserved.com claimed that while we don’t know how the anomaly caused the rocket to blow up, we do know that ‘the aliens hate Facebook, much as they did MySpace’ and are apparently determined to destroy the social network.

Hey, maybe that’s why MySpace stopped being popular?

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