Alien Hunters Claim Photo Shows US Airforce ‘Battling UFO’ Above Area 51

by : Tom Percival on : 23 Feb 2018 19:19
UFO Seekers / YouTube

New photos have emerged showing US aircraft allegedly ‘dogfighting with a UFO’ above the military base known as Area 51. 


In the pictures, two jets can be seen taking part in what look like a routine training exercise but a closer look reveals a third mysterious craft taking part as well.

Or at least that’s the claim of UFO hunters Tim Doyle and Tracey Su who took the pictures, if I’m honest I think it looks like a black spot that could be literally anything.


Doyle and Su camped 12 miles from Area 51 in a desert area in Lincoln County, Nevada to take the pictures, The Mirror reports.


At first, they didn’t notice anything particularly suspicious in the photos, but after they took a closer look at the pictures the pair noticed a ‘triangular craft’ battling the jets.

In a video posted to the YouTubeChannel thirdphaseofmoon , Tim explains what he believes can be seen in the unusual pictures.

He says: 

When we got home and started reviewing the pictures we noticed a third object in the sky. What in the world is this? It looks like some kind of triangular unmanned drone, because it’s definitely too small to have a person inside of it.

And after looking at the pictures it definitely looks like the crafts are interacting with each other. It’s like a three-plane dogfight.

Again not to be mean but where does he get the idea it’s an unmanned drone from? Let’s be honest it’s difficult to tell the scale of something at that distance it could be hundreds of feet under the jets or even above them?


Again I’m going to suggest that Tim may be reaching but I guess owning a YouTube channel is about all the qualification you need to chat about aliens online so who am I to judge.


In fairness to the couple, I’ve no proof that it’s not a UFO and could be wrong and the area around Area 51’s always had a reputation for alien sightings.

Back in 1947 there were allegations that a downed weather balloon was, in fact, a crashed alien spacecraft which was secreted away to Area 51.

This has lead to Area 51 becoming a central component of UFO folklore and integral to a number of conspiracy theories most notably the idea that the base is where the US government stores and reverse engineers alien technology.

Over the years there have been numerous sightings of UFO’s around the base which conspiracy theorists claim are visitors from another world while others have noted they may simply be experimental and classified planes the public isn’t aware of.

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