Women Are Better And Safer Drivers Than Men, New Study Claims

by : Julia Banim on : 06 Nov 2019 13:42
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For years, female drivers have had to endure cruel jokes about their parking abilities, with men widely regarded to be more capable behind a steering wheel.

However – to the dismay of many a bad ’90s comedian – a new study could well have just thrown this stereotype into sharp reverse.


Indeed, findings from this study reveal British women to be better and safer drivers than their male counterparts, and will no doubt cause lively debate amongst many a car-sharing couple.

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This research – conducted by insurance comparison website Confused.com – found 539,000 people were convicted for breaking the law while driving in England or Wales in 2018.

Out of these 539,000 individuals, a staggering 79% of lawbreakers were found to be blokes, who outnumbered women by nearly 4:1.


Furthermore, men were also found to be far more likely to be found guilty of the most commonly committed motoring offences, with a quarter of the offences recorded due to men speeding.

Shockingly, men were also found to be five times more likely to be convicted for drink-driving offences, and were more than twice as likely to be found at fault after making an insurance claim.

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Worryingly – and perhaps unsurprisingly – bad drivers aren’t always aware their skills aren’t up to scratch, even when the points are staring them in the face.


Women Are Actually Better Drivers Than Men, Study Confirms

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Claire Rogan, digital marketing manager at automotive retailer Peter Vardy, has expressed concern over the gap between a driver’s past records and their assessment of their own competency on the road, as detailed in this study.

For example, despite the fact Ford drivers will likely have more points on their licence than other UK drivers, they rated their driving skills as being a sturdy 7.3 out of 10, while assessing other drivers to be just six out of 10.

Rogan explained:

Taking proper due care and attention when behind the wheel should always be at the forefront of our minds when in control of a car, so it is surprising to see our research indicate that over half of British drivers have been penalised for driving offences.

Whether you have just passed your test, or have been driving for years, it is important to not allow your own perception of your driving skill to cloud your judgement.

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Although women drivers are still racing ahead in some regards, their motoring prowess comes screeching to a halt when it comes to driving tests.

Out of the 1.6 million people across England and Wales who took their driving test in 2018, 55% failed, 31% of whom were women and 24% men. Furthermore, out of the 45% who passed, 22% were women while 23% were men.

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