Eminem’s T-Shirt During Reading Headline Set P*ssed Off A Lot Of People


Dressed in a ‘FACK TRUMP’ t-shirt, Eminem didn’t hold back his feelings about the US President during his headline slot at Reading Festival on Saturday night.

Keen not to make a political statement during his set or turn it into a ‘platform’ for such topic, Slim Shady couldn’t help himself.

He told the Reading crowd he ‘couldn’t stand’ the President of the United States – to be fair, his shirt said it all!

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Shady addressed festival-goers saying:

So Reading. I’m not about to stand up here and use this fucking stage as a platform to get all political and shit, but this motherfucker Donald Trump – I can’t stand him.

The rap star then led the crowd in to a chant, shouting:

When I say ‘fuck’, you say ‘Trump’: Fuck Trump, Fuck Trump.

It’s not the first time the Detroit rapper has hit out at the POTUS…

It’s a wrap UK!  Thank you all that came out this weekend.  We hope to be back again soon.

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Back in October, Mr Mathers released an eight-minute track that completely dissed the American President.

Regardless of his political outburst, on the whole, fans seemed to love his Reading slot – the third time he’s graced the English festival.

Revelling in their excitement, fans took to social media to celebrate the singer’s headline slot:

We’ve had ‘Fuck Trump’, ‘Fack Trump’, what next?… Feck Trump?