Amazing Moment Lad With Down Syndrome Wins College Basketball Game

Jeffrey Malkofsky-Berger/YouTube

Footage of a boy with Down Syndrome has gone viral after he netted the winning shot for his college basketball team with no time left to play.

19-year-old Robert Lewis is the manager of Franklin Road Academy basketball team, but during their Senior Night game he kitted up and absolutely smashed his opportunity.

With the game finely poised at 64-64 the ball made its way to Robert who was stationed in three point territory.

Showcasing pinpoint accuracy Robert nets the match-winning shot with virtually no time left on the clock for the opposition to level.

What a moment.

Robert’s brother Matthew was the first to congratulate him on his effort, despite playing for the opposite team, the University School of Nashville.

Robert’s mother, Judy Lewis, is reported by Style Blueprint as saying:

There was a lot of love in that gym — from both sides.

That was an incredible moment I’m sure Robert will never forget.