Chris Kamara Pranks Tube Users In Classic Kammy Style

KammyYouTube/Carlsberg UK

If you’re a regular viewer of Soccer Saturday, you’ll be used to Chris Kamara’s antics.

He’s the former professional footballer that regularly gets confused by what’s going on in games, sometimes mistaking a sending off for a substitution, and always providing the laughs with his pals Jeff Stelling and co.

But now, the former Portsmouth and Leeds United player has donned prosthetics and a wig for his latest act – posing as an elderly man and asking people to give up their seats on the tube for him.

Secret cameras captured Kamara wandering through the tube station, before boarding and using his walking stick and whimpering voice to get fellow travelers to give up their hard-earned seats.

Kammy make upYouTube/Carlsberg

Once he’d successfully conned someone into moving aside, Kamara whipped off the wig and presented the hero with two tickets to see England play Russia in their first game at Euro 2016.

Check it out:

The setup was all part of Carlsberg’s ‘If Carlsberg did substitutions’ campaign ahead of the tournament, which starts on June 10.

So there you go, all you have to do to get a seat on the tube is give someone two tickets to France this June. Simple.