475lb Man Drops Half His Bodyweight In One Year Thanks To Pro Wrestler’s Brutal Training

Vance Hinds weight loss wrestler@ DDPYOGA/YouTube

A man from Texas has lost nearly half his bodyweight after being inspired by a stand-up comedian and undertaking a pro-wrestler’s training regime.

Vance Hinds, who weighed 475 pounds just one year ago, has shed 200 pounds, documenting his weight loss journey on YouTube and getting help and inspiration from comedian Bert Kreischer, as well as ex-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

Inspired by Kreischer, who also underwent a transformation by following Page’s training exercises, Vance took it upon himself to drop his weight by sticking to Page’s workout plan.

What Vance didn’t plan for though, is both Kreischer and Page getting involved, personally coaching him through the training programs, and helping him change his life in the process.

On his YouTube page, where Vance posts videos about his weight loss journey, he says he’s:

[A] man inspired by Bert Kreischer. Watching Bert finish the St. Pete Half Marathon on short notice inspired me to believe I can change my life as well.

In another update, he says:

DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) reached out to me on Twitter and given me tremendous support. I love his nutritional program, as well as his DDP Yoga. DDP’s Guidance changed my life. Thanks you Dallas! [sic]

You can watch Vance’s story here:

Dallas told TMZ Sports he couldn’t be more proud of Vance, but wants to take things even further and help him drop another 100 pounds.

Dallas is, of course, very confident they’ll hit Vance’s weight loss goal, thanks to his ‘DDP Yoga’, which Dallas developed out of his Yoga For Regular Guys Workout book and videos.

Reaching out to Vance on Twitter, Dallas wrote:

Yo Vance if you want some real guidance DM [me] I’ll help you out bro. DDP

Understandably, Vance replied to the three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, two-time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, one-time WWF Tag Team Champion, and one-time WCW World Television Champion.

And, as the video shows, DDP’s training and motivation really paid off for Vance. So, if you needed some January motivation, look no further!

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