50 Cent Savagely Roasts Floyd Mayweather Over Shopping Spree

50 Cent Floyd Mayweather GucciPA/@50Cent/Instagram

50 Cent roasted Floyd Mayweather after the former boxer went on a shopping spree at Gucci. 

The designer label has been the source of controversy recently after one of their jumpers was accused of portraying blackface.

The $890 (£690) balaclava-style jumper features a pull up neck with a cut out around the mouth, which is surrounded by large red lips.

Following backlash and complaints about the product, Gucci removed the item from their stores and websites, but many shoppers are now boycotting the brand.

Gucci jumper blackfaceGucci

50 Cent made it clear he’d be getting rid of all the Gucci items he owned, posting a video on Instagram of him setting fire to one of their t-shirts.

The rapper wrote:

I gotta get rid of all the Gucci I have at home. I’m not supporting their brand anymore.

However, not everyone has shown support for the boycott, with Mayweather proving he was happy to still purchase things from the designer label, reportedly spending thousands of dollars on Monday (February 11).

Speaking to TMZ Sport, the 41-year-old said:

My thing is this. I support everybody, I like everybody, but my thing is this. I like to live life and do what I like to do. I’m not no follower, I do what the fuck I want to do.

Because everybody saying ‘wear this’, or ‘don’t wear this’, I’m gonna wear what the fuck I wanna wear.

I’m about to go into Gucci.

50 Cent shared the clip of Mayweather’s comments to Instagram, where he criticised him for saying all the wrong things.

The In Da Club singer wrote:

Champ you need a publicist, man you saying all the wrong shit fool.

The rapper continued to make his disapproval of Mayweather clear, and later savagely roasted him by sharing a picture of the boxer, which had been edited to make it look like he was wearing Gucci’s controversial jumper.

He captioned the picture:

get the fuck outta here Champ! LOL

Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele spoke out recently about the controversy, saying he’d never intended racism with the product.

According to the Independent, he explained:

We are truly committed in facing what happened as a crucial learning moment for everybody. I really shelter the suffer of all I have offended. And I am heartfully sorry for this hurt.

I hope I can rely on the understanding of those who know me and can acknowledge the constant tension towards the celebration of diversity that has always shaped my work. This is the only celebration I’m willing to stand for.

Mayweather doesn’t appear to have responded to 50 Cent’s criticism at the time of writing.

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