Adam Johnson Loses Court Appeal And Will Serve Full Six Years In Prison

by : UNILAD on : 16 Mar 2017 10:09

Former Sunderland player, Adam Johnson has lost his court appeal to reduce his six- year prison sentence after being found guilty of sexual activity with a child.


Johnson, who was plead guilty to the charges last year, would have been  released within the next the 24 hours if three Court Of Appeals judges had ruled in his favour.

The disgraced winger has already served one of his six years in prison for engaging in sexual activity with a girl who was only 15 years old at the time.


During the trial the 29 year old, who played for both Manchester City and Sunderland – as well as being capped for the England International team – admitted to grooming the girl and ‘one charge of sexual activity with a child’ – which inferred that he kissed.


However he has denied that any further sexual activity took place when the two met up in his Range Rover in County Durham.

He had hoped  to have his sentence reduced on the grounds that the sentencing judge from the previous trial gave him extra jail time due to:

… the fact that the applicant was a famous and successful footballer and, in fact, counted that against him.

Judge Jonathan Rose, who was the sentencing judge at that trial felt the girl had went through ‘severe psychological harm’ and that Johnson took advantage of ‘a young teenager’s adoration of a successful celebrity’.

His appeal verdict was read out today.

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