Adidas Have Relaunched Predators And They’re Amazing


Snazzy football boots won’t make you a decent player but they will sure make you look cool on the pitch.

Predators put fear into your school field foes in the 90s, and – if that’s too far to look back – in 2000 Adidas launched the very first Predator boots of the millennium and they were amazing.

So today brings good news as 17 years later Adidas have relaunched these boots with a new take on the classic.

A limited amount of the Predator Precision boots will available online from today and will cost you £299.95 a pair.

They will also be available in selected retailers from September 8.

You may notice the original black colour has been switched for a cool blue and the shoes are more lightweight than its predecessor.


But the famous K-leather upper and fold-over tongue with the velcro strap is back and the design is the same as the original.

Astro turf options are also available.

They’re not quite these pre-historic Predators, but we can’t wait to get a pair.

You’d best be quick to grab a pair as these babies will sell out quick!