Alvarez Destroys Khan With Brutal K.O, Internet Reacts

Alvarez Khan BoxingPA

And that’s it. All over. Lights out for Khan. A soaring right hook from Alvarez pulverised the fighting pride of Bolton, wiping him out stone cold in the final minute of round six.

A textbook hook from the Mexican brutalised Khan as he made a minor but vital error which saw his guard waver and drop below his chin for a mere second before Canelo bit the bullet and went in for the kill, with what many are already calling the knockout of the year.

With one look at Khan, referee Kenny Bayless declared the fight over, as a thoroughly defeated and spaced out Amir lay on the canvas like a dead man staring into an abyss of pure shock and nothingness.

Alvarez Khan BoxingPA

The champion was behind on points after a surprisingly powerful few rounds for Khan who came out blisteringly hot, firing rapid, powerful punches, landing many against the head and body of Canelo, and ultimately shocking fans and spectators everywhere – but now it seems annoyingly obvious that Alvarez was merely eyeing up his prey, interminably waiting for the kill.

And that moment came in the sixth, meaning that Alvarez has now retained his many middleweight titles by KO.

Khan certainly didn’t disgrace himself. He came out powerful and fast and brought the fight to Canelo. He also took numerous tough punches to the chin in the first six rounds without hitting the canvas, suggesting that he has spent a lot of time working on one of his biggest flaws.

But no amount of training, therapy or expert advice could’ve done anything to prevent the after-effects of that fatal blow from the Herculean fist of Canelo’s right hand.

Alvarez Khan BoxingPA

And this is how the Internet reacted:

Even Khan had something to say:

But it is this tweet which seems to be getting the most attention:

Gennady Golovkin is who many are saying Canelo simply needs to fight next.

GGG, as he is known, has an exceptional record of 35 fights, 35 wins – but could he make it 36 against Alvarez? Let us know below. 

Coming into tonight’s fight, 25-year-old, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Alvarez’ record was ultimately phenomenal. 48 fights. 32 KO’s. And just one defeat, against none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But now that record stands at 49 wins, 33 KO’s.

Alvarez has challenged everybody that has had the courage to step into his path and is without doubt a very noble and worthy Middleweight World Champion.

Alvarez Khan BoxingPA

Khan, on the other hand, shamed for his glass chin over eight years ago against rank outsider Breidis Prescott and many others later on, has been compared to the Leicester City of this title fight.

Going into his fight against Columbian, Breidis Prescott, Khan was the huge favourite, with the majority of pundits expecting him to claim a lightweight world title by the end of the year.

But his chin was exposed and he was destroyed.

Similar to Breidis Prescott on that fateful night in 2008, it was Khan who came into tonight’s brawl as the underdog.

Alvarez was the huge favourite, and his record and history showed that he had everything in his arsenal to obliterate Khan – and he did just that.

What a champion.