Another TWO Of Arsenal’s Starting XI Are Now Injured


Arsene Wenger has not had a good summer.

Obviously that’s a pretty standard occurrence these days, but even without the transfer window being taken into account, things have taken an even worse turn.

That’s because now Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla are both injured, with Wilshere suffering yet another knee injury, and Cazorla now ruled out of the opening day clash with Liverpool.

At this rate, Arsenal won’t have any players left for the game, and we all know what ‘picking up a knock’ usually means for Wilshere, with one week turning into one month, which turns into the majority of the season.

Wenger is thought to be chasing Riyad Mahrez to boost his squad, and looking at this, he might want to get the player in ASAP, because otherwise Arsenal could well be out of the title race before it even gets going – not to mention the fight for a top four spot, given how strong the other elite sides are looking at the minute.

Arsenal fans have seen the summer transfer window descend into frustration once again, and will be equally concerned that their abysmal injury record only seems to be getting worse.